Fish Days are a chance for you to conveniently get your fish. Three times a year (Winter, Spring, and Fall ) we load our fish trucks up and head to 160+ Feed & Seeds, Farm & Gardens, and Hardware stores in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We will bag your fish with water, and pure oxygen for transporting. It is highly advised that you bring enough coolers to protect the bags (see our Pick-ups/Deliveries page for the number of coolers you will need). Plus, we choose stores that carry fish feed, agricultural lime, and pond fertilizer.You can get everything you need at one stop!

Fish Days

You must PRE-ORDER your fish!

Store Locator

Click the blue tabs to reveal each store's phone number and address if listed on Google. Call 1-803-776-4923 for specific dates and times.

You must pre-order your fish! Each store will have fliers to hand out. These fliers will show you the types, sizes, and prices of each fish that will be offered that particular Fish Day. You are not locked in to any fish you order. It is just a way for us to know how many fish to put on the truck. To order your fish, call or visit the store closest to you, and they will record your order. Some stores prefer us take the orders. If that is the case, call us directly 1-803-776-4923 and we will make sure your fish are on the truck. We try and cover as much ground as possible to make it as convenient as we can for the customer.


We are partnered with over 150 stores in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. If you are a store owner and are interested in having your own set of Fish Days, give us a call or shoot us an email to find out more on how Fish Days can benefit your store.

*We are loyal to our stores, so we do not add new stores that are close to our existing partners. Call to check for availability.

CALL NOW: 1-803-776-4923