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Tomahawk Fish Traps

Tomahawk traps and cages are manufactured in the USA with pride by our team in Northern Wisconsin. All of Tomahawk products are backed by a one year warranty against factory defects.



Our Model 406 single door, rigid, extra large fish trap has one large trap door located on one end and a convenient release door at the other end. The trap funnels are 4" in diameter and can adjusted to a smaller opening by bending the funnel tines inward. This trap measures 42L x 15W x 15H and...


Model 406DD is our double door extra large fish trap featuring two funnel style trap doors. This heavy duty trap measures 42L x 15WL x 15H" and is constructed from 1x1" – 14 gauge galvanized wire mesh. The funnel style doors measure 4" in diameter and are adjustable by bending the tines in or...


Model 425 is our funnel style fish trap for catfish and rough fish. It features a 3 cone funnel system, release door, and bait compartment. Frame is constructed from 1 x 2 - 12 gauge mesh and the cones are 1 x 1 - 14 mesh. This is a durable trap build to last for years.


Our Model 405.5 will catch crayfish, crab, and shrimp. This trap features three - 3” cones that funnel them into the trap but prevent escape. It also has a 5”x4”x4” bait box inside the trap made of ½” x ½” mesh to allow the bait to be seen and smelled but not accessible which allows more animals to enter the trap. The 405.5 has a release door that opens one entire side of the trap to make for easy unloading and rebaiting.


Model 405.6 is our extra large crayfish, crab, and shrimp trap featuring three funnel style trap doors. This heavy duty trap measures 36"W x 36"L x 11"H and is constructed from 1 x 1" – 12 gauge galvanized wire mesh. It includes a 5 x 5" built in bait box constructed from ½ x ½" galvanized mesh. One entire side of the trap can be quickly unlatched and opened to allow for easy unloading of your catch.

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