Pond Lime


Pond Lime

Liquid Pond Lime- 2.5 gallons

Most of the water in South Carolina is very soft, which means the water is missing minerals, and it is acidic. This type of water tends to be very unproductive for fish.

Adding lime to your pond will help stabilize the pH in your pond water, and it will increase the alkalinity (the mineral content) and hardness of the water. This creates a more beneficial environment for your fish. Adding lime will prompt faster growth and develop a larger, healthier fish population.

Liquid Pond Lime can also be used. It is usually applied at 2.5-5 gallons per acre. When using agricultural lime or liquid lime, either should be spread evenly over the surface of the pond.

When you add lime to your pond, you also get greater utilization of fertilizer you apply.

You also have the option of a water soluble lime. Liming at a rate of 3 tons of water soluble agricultural lime per acre is typically needed.

The best time to lime your pond is in January-February. Consult a pond specialist before liming in the warm months. This could disrupt the natural food chain.

Any lime that falls on the bank or shore will eventually go into the pond. Depending on the water flow through your pond, this will need to be done approximately every 3 years ​for best pond management.

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