Pond Fertilizer


Pond Fertilizer

100% Water Soluble Fish Pond Fertilizer- 25lbs

Fertilizing your pond is the easiest and least expensive method of producing natural food to grow fish on. You should begin fertilizing your pond around April 1, when the water temperature reaches about 65 degrees. Continue fertilizing through October, every 4-6 weeks as needed.

For the first application of the season, you should apply double (maybe triple) your normal amount. Scatter the fertilizer over the surface of the pond as much as possible.

The fertilizer that works best is a combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, with 3 units of Phosphorus to 1 unit of Nitrogen, and with the amount of Potassium not being relevant. The above fertilizer is a 12-48-8.

Liquid fertilizer and water soluble powdered fertilizers work the best.

Fertilizer should be applied until water color turns a dark army green. This indicates an algae "bloom", and is the basis for the entire food chain in the pond. This bloom can be maintained through the growing season of April through October by fertilizing each month with a good fish-pond fertilizer. You will encourage maximum growth and the survival of newly hatched Bream. The adult Bass and Bream will have more natural feed. Keeping a good dark bloom will also discourage the growth of weeds in your pond by blocking the penetration of sunlight to the pond bottom.

Fertilizing Summary:

  1. Apply when water temperature reaches about 65 degrees and above.
  2. Apply fertilizer at specified rate.
  3. Fertilize every 4-6 weeks from April into October.
  4. Use a liquid or water soluble fertilizer as close to 12-48-8 NPK ratio as possible for best results.

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