Max Length: < 3 inches
Lifespan: 1.5 years
Stocking Rate: 800-1000 per acre

Gambusia Minnows or “Mosquitofish” are a multi-purpose minnow stocked primarily as a forage fish for young fish fry and fingerlings. They help establish the bottom of the food chain, which is essential for growing trophy-sized fish.

During their spawning season (when water climbs above 57 degrees F), they have a gestation period of 16-28 days and can carry babies from multiple fish at a time. They give birth to live young at an average of about 60 young per spawn. They are heavily preyed upon and will not overtake your pond. Also because of their high reproduction rate, they are rarely completely consumed.

Their secondary function is serving as an organic, eco-friendly way of controlling mosquitos. Their name “mosquitofish” comes from their diet consisting largely of mosquito larvae. Other fish species’ fry will also eat mosquito larvae. However, they eventually outgrow this diet. Because mosquitofish remain under 3 inches, they target mosquito larvae throughout their lifetime.

Mosquitofish are great for any body of water!

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