Important: Pick-ups and deliveries must be called in in advance and scheduled.

Pick-up Times (by appointment at least a week ahead of time)
Wed-Thurs 12pm-3pm
Fri 9am-1pm

Give us a call at 1-803-776-4923 to set up a personal delivery or pick up order. 

pond consultations

When starting a new pond, or trying to fix an established one, it’s never a bad idea to get some advice first. Our 40 years of experience in helping people start and manage trophy ponds of all shapes and sizes makes us an excellent candidate for helping you get your pond right. To schedule a consultation, call 803-776-4923.


If you would like to pick up your fish, make sure to give us a call ahead of time. This allows us enough time to gather fish from ponds, so when you arrive your fish are ready to be loaded. We put your fish in a bag filled with water and pure oxygen for transporting your fish. We just ask that you bring coolers to protect the bags from tearing and from the heat. A 48 quart cooler holds approximately two bags, and all species are bagged separately. Here is a general breakdown of the number of fish per bag:

Carp 8"-11": Up to 10 per bag
Carp 12"+: Up to 5 per bag
Bluegill/Shellcracker and other sunfish 1"-3": Up to 300-500 per bag
Channel Catfish 3"-5": Up to 100-200 per bag
Largemouth Bass 1"-3": Up to 300-500 per bag
Mosquito Fish: Up to 500 per bag


To place a delivery order you may call us, and we will schedule a date and time for your appointment. There is a delivery fee of $2.50 a mile one-way($100 Min.) from our location to your pond.We will need your name, the best phone number to reach you at, pond address, fish you want (type/size/quantity), and any special delivery instructions you may have. Payments can be made at delivery with cash or check (preferred methods). We also accept credit cards.

We also deliver: Texas Hunter Feeders, Power House Aerators, Turtle/Fish Traps, Perfect Pond Plus Fertilizer, fish feed, and liquid lime at the same delivery rate.


CALL NOW: 1-803-776-4923