Max Length: 23 inches
Max Weight: 8 lbs
Lifespan: 10 years (in the right climate)
Stocking Rate: 300-500 per acre

Tilapia are a tropical fish from Africa that have many uses.

They are excellent at eliminating duck weed, filamentous algae, pond slime, and many other undesirable algaes in your pond.

They reproduce in high numbers during the summer months, which provides your bass with great high protein forage food… and of course extra algae eaters.

With enough food, they can reach sizes exceeding 2-3 lbs in one summer season. Not only are they great tasting (one of the most consumed fish in North America), they bite a hook and fight like a sport fish.

Due to their tropic nature they cannot take over a pond, as they die off when the water falls below 55-50 degrees F. It is advised to add them as soon as your pond reaches a consistent 60 degrees F to get the most out of your fish.

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